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We are factory produce High quality Paper Bags,Paper Boxes,Lanyards,

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Junan industrial Co.,Ltd founded specializes in gift ribbon, handicraft, the products include all various kinds of materials print, woven & computer jacquard belt, silk belt, heart transfer belt, bottle, mobile & card holder, elastic and short lanyard, waist belt, silica gel bracelet, garment accessories belt, luggage belt, pet leashes, and no-woven bags etc.

Now we found an other factory for developing new products in Paper Box,Paper Bags.

The Strength of Our Comapny


The company has a high level of scientific and technological team, using advanced computer design software, scientific design, standardized microcomputer management and strict quality control, rational use of resources, excellent product, for a longtime to win the favor of someone do my homework for me general consumers. We are improving our Art technology continuously, using the advanced device technology.

Our company has our own Paper Bags / Paper Boxes / Lanyards marketing deparment,silkcreen department,sewing department and so on professional machines,so that our company has a strong and stable produce skill to let our sells team accounted for an absolute advantage in the competition of the same industries field.

The Wonderful of Our Quality


As for the quality of our products, our factory has a perfect quality supervision system to keep our quality well. The programs from making lanyards to the fininshed products,we will check it seriously in order to confirm a high quality,besides, we also check all of the products which are outsourcing, customer supply, inventory, finished goods carefully.

And according to the requirements of our company, the Commodities Inspection Department of our company will not allow the products which are not approved outflow.So, customers do not have to worry about the quality of the goods of our company.

Professional Fields


We have been committed to the Paper Bags / Paper Boxes / lanyards research ,development products with a different nature,and a series of new style products,besides,in some extent,we has formed the authority in this business area.